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Businesses across the country are waiting for our publication of TRUST MATTERS, a marketing training series that dives into the larger-than-life influence TRUST has on all of our businesses.

A far-reaching influence that directly affects every business's successes, profits, and reputations.

Understanding the depth of this influence will help every business create and implement steps
and strategies that will routinely generate high quality leads and customer conversions... the
reasons you come to work every day! At the end of the training, businesses can take an assessment.

If they pass the assessment with a score of 80% or higher, they will earn themselves the coveted TRUST VERIFIED credential. (More below)

Out of demand from eager businesses who don't want to have to wait for our TRUST MATTERS Series to be published to earn this credential, we have created a Pre-Qualifying assessment. So, for a limited time, they (and now YOU) can try and PRE-QUALIFY to become Trust Verified instead!

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Why Become Trust Verified?
Why Pre-Qualify?

Because your customers are looking for solid proof you are the REAL DEAL! Making sure you can deliver this proof will provide more "Make" than "Break" moments for you, especially if you can prove it during critical early stages of customer consideration. 

Consumers want to validate your quality, your competence, your knowledge.  Presenting your merit worthiness with earned credentials will achieve this for you, plus will advance your value factor to customers who are trying to learn about your business. 

Certain "cred"entials can carry a lot of weight for you, helping you gain needed "cred"ibility with inquiring customers.

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Did you know that over 75% of visitors globally will leave a website (yes, even yours!)
when there is an absence of credibility!

A distinctive credential customers view as an instant trust builder!

  • Proudly display the Trust Verified trophy or medal logos and provide needed validation your inquiring customers are trying to confirm!
  • Discover how customer confirmation of your quality can quickly translate to CONNECT, and soon thereafter to CONVERT!
  • When potential customers are trying to learn about YOU, you have eight seconds to build credibility. Credentials like these turn those eight seconds into the start of a customer relationship!

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"As you go to work, your top responsibility should be to build trust."
Robert Eckert, Former CEO, Mattel

Delivering trust-building credentials get you more sales!

For a limited time, pre-qualify to become Trust Verified! Take the pre-qualifier for just $59 (a $180 value)

  • When customers see you care about being trusted, they will be inclined faster to do business with you.
  • Adding YOUR Trust Verified logo to your website, social media pages, and even your email signatures provides convincing proof researching customers are searching for
  • If your competitors aren't providing enough trust-building credentials and YOU are, guess who will get the business... and guess who won't

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Regular price: $180
For a limited time only: $59

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you actually get when you purchase this Pre-Qualifier?

When you purchase this Pre-Qualifier, you will receive an Assessment (another way of saying test!) that will be delivered directly to your inbox. The Assessment is a similar version to the one that is provided with the TRUST MATTERS Training Series. The difference is that you can take it early and try to pre-qualify yourself with a passing score of 80% or higher.

What will I learn?

Even without actually taking the TRUST MATTERS Training, and just going through this Pre-Qualifier Assessment, you WILL learn some things! You will walk away with light bulbs having glowed and with new thought provoking ideas you will no doubt, want to act on for your business. Happens every time!

It's no secret that the focus topic centers around TRUST. From there, the topic is deep and far-reaching, and yes, relevant to every business.

When TRUST MATTERS is published, will it be a real book?

TRUST MATTERS is a Training Series, not an actual book. It will be published digitally enabling "students" to take the series online at their convenience wherever they have internet service.

TRUST MATTERS will be available as either a full series, or in three separate "books." See below to view the full series.

Can I get a physical copy?

Our TRUST MATTERS Training Series will only be available in a digital format. You can print the entire training and keep it in a 3-ring binder, or you can print just the pages you desire.

How soon after purchasing will I receive my
Pre-Qualifier Assessment?

Your Pre-Qualifier Assessment will be delivered digitally, via the email address you provide at checkout. It should arrive within
3 - 5 minutes of your purchase.

How do I know whether becoming Trust Verified is right for me?

If you are in business and want to be able to generate quality leads that convert routinely, you will HAVE TO earn the trust of 96% of customers who can consider your business as a contender. Without that trust, those customers will simply take their business somewhere else.

Being a Trust Verified business provides you with a strong trust-building credential. Trust-building credentials simply help you provide your "proof" to customers at the stages when they need it satisfied the fastest.

What if I don't pass the Pre-Qualifier with an 80% or higher?

If you don't pass with an 80% or higher, you can take one re-try with a different Assessment version. If you still miss the mark on the re-try, you can, of course, wait for the publish date of the TRUST MATTERS Training Series and purchase the full series. Once you have taken the series, you can take the Assessment at the end.

The good news in that circumstance is if you have purchased this Pre-Qualifier, but didn't pass, your purchase price for the
Pre-Qualifier is applied to the purchase price of the full TRUST MATTERS Series, saving you your $59.00 off the top.

What else should I know about this training?

TRUST MATTERS is actually a training series that is being
re-written as an updated version of a previous training series that has been training small businesses since 2015. Thousands of small to medium sized businesses have taken the training.

The training had also been part of continuing ed credit course offerings with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for general contractors from 2015 through 2018.

The updated series will reflect the most current marketing data and trends, as well as changes to our social society. Without a doubt, the training will cover the subject of TRUST in ways most business owners or employees never venture! A venture, well worth the trek!

What's the investment?

Today, to try and Pre-Qualify to become Trust Verified, your investment is $59.00.

This is an amazing savings for you if you do Pre-Qualify because starting January 22, 2024, the full TRUST MATTERS Training Series will sell at $180.00.

Why not try and Pre-Qualify? Earn your special credential early! Let it start working for you now! Plus, save $121.00 in the process!

Print as many copies of your Certificate Of Proof as you'd like

When you qualify to become Trust Verified, you will also receive a digital copy of a Certificate Of Proof. Print as many copies as you'd like and use them to help boost your sales both online and off line.


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Did you know that 97% of consumers will research for the BEST service providers to assist them to fix or solve their home related problems?
Those consumers are looking for confirmation of quality and merit-worthiness!

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